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★We aim to provide children with the best possible environment to develop their power of observation and to stimulate their capacity to think and learn, thus developing a scientific temperament in them.

★ We aim at fostering amongst our pupils a spirit of service to others,irrespective of caste, creed, colour or nationality and as such we have adopted the motto “UNITED FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY”

★ We aim at training our pupils to acquire higher ideals of life through love and friendship for all and to develop good citizenship.

★ We aim at developing an integrated personality of the pupil by providing facilities for games and physical training, outings and observations, forum for self-expression and by guiding the pupil to develop scientific outlook in the pursuit of their studies.

★ We aim at development of self-confidence, constructive motivation and leadership skills through participation in extra curricular activities.

★ We aim at development of national pride. We teach the child to be proud of rich cultural heritage of our country, to uphold the values of our country and be proud of being an Indian.

★ We aim for high character and all-round development of personality of our pupils based on sound appreciation of nature.

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